How to become a perfect minibus driver?

The minibus driver plays a significant role in making your trip memorable irrespective of wherever you are going. Besides driving the minibus, they also look after many other things. They welcome the passengers with greetings, check their tickets and guide them about all the safety equipments of the minibus. The driver helps passengers in loading and unloading the luggage, navigate legal aspects (such as border controls) and ensures that all the passengers are properly accounted throughout the journey. Continue reading “How to become a perfect minibus driver?”

Are minibuses eclipsing the needs of transportation by private vehicles

Being social with other humans is a vital component of our existence. The world is shrinking day by day. With the help of the internet and social media, we have no shortage of friends and loved ones in our life. People like to spend quality time with their meaningful friends. Ways include social gathering, watching movies, playing games, travelling together, etc. However there is one such common denominator which certainly helps people, and that is having a mode of transportation which is enjoyable, flexible, affordable, on time. Here minibuses come into the picture. Here, we will discuss the reasons why more and more people are hiring minibuses today than other modes of transport. Continue reading “Are minibuses eclipsing the needs of transportation by private vehicles”