Don’ts of driving a Minibus that you might not be aware of

No matter whether you are driving a long distance coach, car, local bus or minibus; there are many rules which are meant to be followed for driving a vehicle safely. And, being a professional minibus hire driver you’ll need to learn not only about the skills of driving a vehicle but also about how well you can look after your passengers, who trust you for a safe and comfortable journey.

There are some obvious things that almost everyone in the driving profession knows. Using mobiles behind the wheels, drink & drive and tailgating are some really serious offences that no professional driver is expected to do them. Well, there’s a lot to learn about driving a minibus and in this short article, we are covering some of the NO’s that one must consider for the convenience and safety of your minibus passengers. So let’s see and read how many of them you have done.

Flashing your lights to give away:

Many of us are found guilty of doing this. While driving one cannot flash his/her vehicle lights to cross other vehicles. You are not legally allowed to use your flashlights in this way. Headlight flashes are only there to let others know about your presence on the road. If one is found misusing these flashlights, there is some penalty in the driving laws of UK.

Leaving a minibus parked with the engine running:

Stationery idling is an offence under the laws of road traffic. It is mentioned that you are not allowed to leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily especially that vehicle is standing immobile on a public road. It doesn’t mean that you have to cut your engine everytime you stop at a red light or the engine is on for some diagnosis of the vehicle.


The job of driving a minibus for a chain smoker is next to impossible. Since, it is prohibited to smoke inside a minibus if there is a passenger of below age 18. Being a driver you are responsible for all passengers of all age groups.


The undertaking is really a serious offence. It is not only dangerous, but you can also find yourself in the court for putting your passenger’s life in danger. So don’t let yourself into the possible rage caused to you by other hoggers.

A dirty number plate:

Checking a number plate is one out of the many things that one check before driving a minibus. Since a dirty or unreadable number plate can put you in difficulty while you are on strict schedules of driving your passengers to a particular destination.

Essex Minibuses make sure that all of our drivers follow traffic rules. Being the best minibus hire service of London, Ilford, Romford, Hertfordshire, Grays and Chelmsford, we promise to serve you with professional chauffeur driven vehicles ensuring a safe and comfortable travel for you.

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