5 reasons why travelling by a minibus is better than flying

We know the title of the post might take everyone by surprise. And why it won’t be? Well, of course, why would someone hire a minibus when travelling by airplane seems far more convenient. Actually, this post is for those who are not aware of the advantages that a minibus has in comparison of flying to your destination. When overall travel cost, hassle, time and amenities are considered, you’ll see that a bus is sometimes the best travel option for bigger groups.

With their unfortunate reputation of being old and stuffy, many people do not even consider the option of travelling by minibus but modern charter minibuses offer all the comfortable options for a stress-free travel. With all the facilities and comfort provided by a minibus, one can consider it as the better solution for travel compared to flying. However, there are many more reasons that prove it true. So keep reading to learn more about the benefits that a bus can offer you on your next journey.

Direct travel:

The total travel time by an airplane includes your 60-90 minutes early arrival at the airport, checking baggage, shuffling through security, finding your gate, waiting for your plan to taxi and take off. These all account for an extra 2 to 3 hours apart from your actual travel. That’s not it, after landing you’ll also have to find baggage claim and wait for a taxi that will take you to your hotel. Don’t you think it is too much stress rather than relaxation? While on the other hand, when you book a minibus it will pick you up from your neighbourhood and drop you off right at your destination with as many or as few stops as you want. A chauffeur driven minibus hire will facilitate you with a point-to-point transportation eliminating all the hassles that are a part of air travel.

Extra leg space:

Plane seats are very close to each other restricting you from stretching your legs for a more comfortable position. In a plane, you have to keep your legs cramped for hours at a time. But in a minibus, you have enough room to rest your legs during a long journey. Generally, a plane seat is 30 inches behind the seat in front of it while the bus seats have a minimum of 36 inches gap between them. Unlike the planes, you get to see a nice view of your journey from extremely large windows of the bus. Moreover, you can also move to a different row to talk to people and can use onboard restrooms whenever you want.

Enough space for storage with no extra money:

In a flight, you are asked for an extra fee for an oversized luggage and extra carry-ons while in a private minibus, you are free to pack as much as you want and store it safely in luggage bays until you reach your destination. Also, you don’t have to wait for the baggage claims worrying about the safety of your luggage bag.


Since planes burn per gallon of fuel in a single trip, they are 1.9 times more harmful for the environment than a bus. Planes also emit 1.10 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile per passenger which is even greater than only 0.18 pounds of carbon dioxide a bus emit per mile per passenger. All these environmental benefits place them far ahead of airplanes.

Bus fares are cheaper:

Say whatever you want about buses, but it is a fact that booking a bus is a lot cheaper than any airfare you’ll find. Yes, that’s true many airlines are now offering amazing deals to lure a tourist but when you sum up all the charges like charge for checked baggage, airport taxes, extra legroom and whatnot you will end up cashing out majorly. While in the case of minibuses, you are only paid for what you’ll see, everything extra is included in what you paid for their services.

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