London: Full day sightseeing tour in a minibus

London is one of the most favourite cities of the tourists in the world. One can never get bored of it since there are so much to explore. So are you also planning to explore London with a group of friends and family? If yes, then a minibus from Essex Minibuses is the perfect solution to arrange for a sightseeing tour of London. Our minibuses are suitable for smaller travelling groups from 12 to 16 passengers. With a minibus, many of your travel problems like the hiring of individual cars, location navigation and parking hassles are solved. Our professional drivers will pick you up and drop you at your designated locations. So leave the transportation hassles with us and plan a perfect day trip of London with your group.

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4 things to consider before you rent a party minibus

Is there any event coming up or are you planning for a huge birthday party? Well, celebrations are mandatory and they are even more fun when attended with your favourite bunch of people. But coordinating everyone together can be a little overwhelming especially when you don’t have booked a party minibus. Renting a party minibus is the optimal choice to attend an event or concert with a group of people but before you go ahead, here are a few things that you should consider first. Let’s have a look. Continue reading “4 things to consider before you rent a party minibus”

4 Secrets of booking minibuses for Christmas

The holiday season of Christmas is very popular for minibuses. This is the time of the year where not only Londoners but people all around the UK hire minibuses for joyful trips with friends and families. While Christmas is time to catch up with friends and make some fond memories, it is also stressful sometimes. From maintaining a guest list, finding a venue, selecting caterers and entertainers to booking minibuses and private coaches, there are too many things to take care to make sure everything runs smoothly. Continue reading “4 Secrets of booking minibuses for Christmas”

5 reasons why travelling by a minibus is better than flying

We know the title of the post might take everyone by surprise. And why it won’t be? Well, of course, why would someone hire a minibus when travelling by airplane seems far more convenient. Actually, this post is for those who are not aware of the advantages that a minibus has in comparison of flying to your destination. When overall travel cost, hassle, time and amenities are considered, you’ll see that a bus is sometimes the best travel option for bigger groups. Continue reading “5 reasons why travelling by a minibus is better than flying”

4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire

Designed to carry a number of passengers, minibuses are one of the most comfortable options for all your travel needs. From a group outing, sports event, wedding, a school trip to a corporate event, minibus hire Romford presents the perfect way to enjoy any excursion. For corporate events, the minibus hire services can make or break your attendee’s experience. Continue reading “4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire”

Now don’t miss out on any sports event!

Are you a big sports fan? Attending a sports event is your childhood dream? No matter whether you are a loyal football fan, a cricket enthusiast or a dedicated follower of horse racing. UK host’s so many sports events for you to enjoy throughout the year. Arranging transport to attend these events is a matter of hassle if you don’t know the right option. Continue reading “Now don’t miss out on any sports event!”

How to plan for wedding transportation in advance?

Planning ahead is always good, no matter what the occasion is. It might be a holiday trip, delivering a presentation for work or even cooking a meal for friends and family, they all can benefit from advance planning. So when it comes to your wedding day which is arguably the biggest day of anyone’s life, you can’t simply sit relaxed and leave everything for the last moment. You definitely want to start long before the big day. Continue reading “How to plan for wedding transportation in advance?”

Different fleet options to consider for your corporate meeting

So you just found out about your next corporate meeting is taking place in London. And moreover, you are the in charge of all the travel formalities. Arriving on time at the airport and choosing a location for the meeting are not that daunting and troublesome. But how you are going to reach the location can be a headache sometimes. With a reliable and professional corporate minibus hire service, your worries about timely arrivals are a thing of past. Continue reading “Different fleet options to consider for your corporate meeting”