4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire

Designed to carry a number of passengers, minibuses are one of the most comfortable options for all your travel needs. From a group outing, sports event, wedding, a school trip to a corporate event, minibus hire Romford presents the perfect way to enjoy an excursion. For corporate events, the minibus hire services can make or break your attendee’s experience. Continue reading “4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire”

Airport transfers: A comfortable travel option for non-resident travelers

Visiting a place for the first time is challenging for everyone. No matter you are travelling for a business event or for pleasure, there are many factors that keep you awake until you reach your destination. From hotel bookings, foreign exchange, navigation concerns to the most important transportation, all of them keep on worrying you until fixed. For a non-resident traveller, the task of navigating from airports to a destination can also be a tad difficult, if he is not aware of the option- airport transfers. Continue reading “Airport transfers: A comfortable travel option for non-resident travelers”

The safety benefits of hiring a chauffeur driven minibus

In life, there are many times when hiring a minibus & coach makes the most practical choice for your group transportation from one point to another. No matter what your purpose is, whether you are booking a minibus for a school trip, wedding party, corporate event or family outing. The minibus is the most economical, sensible, safest and convenient choice. Hiring a minibus is always better overall those complex arrangement you make with the personal vehicles you have. So why not go for one and make the things a lot easier? Continue reading “The safety benefits of hiring a chauffeur driven minibus”

A quick checklist to maintain your school minibuses

For minibus drivers, safety is paramount. Especially for the ones who have the responsibility of transporting children. The minibuses are extremely important for schools and families as they are very affordable when it comes to a school trip or a sports event in another county. It doesn’t matter whether you own the minibus outright or have one on a contract from a minibus hire company, being the operator of the vehicle, your school will be responsible for its good condition and roadworthiness. Continue reading “A quick checklist to maintain your school minibuses”

Now don’t miss out on any sports event!

Are you a big sports fan? Attending a sports event is your childhood dream? No matter whether you are a loyal football fan, a cricket enthusiast or a dedicated follower of horse racing. UK host’s so many sports events for you to enjoy throughout the year. Arranging transport to attend these events is a matter of hassle if you don’t know the right option. Continue reading “Now don’t miss out on any sports event!”

5 minibus travel myths exposed

The minibus hire industry is growing exponentially in the UK and hiring a chauffeur-driven minibus has become the most popular choice for group travel. A minibus is a convenient travel option for long distance travel, city tours, airport transfers, hen and stag parties, wedding transport, school trips, corporate meetings, sports events and many such trips. However, there are still some people who don’t prefer minibus travel because of how they remember being it decades ago – cramped, stuffy and uncomfortable. And so some young people also are not very keen on it because of what they heard about minibuses from their parents. But, today the minibus travel business is entirely changed. Hence, with this in mind, we have decided to bust some of the most common minibus travel myths. And here they are: Continue reading “5 minibus travel myths exposed”

4 advantages of hiring a minibus for sports team transport

There are many times in a year when you and your team needs to travel for many sports events happening around the UK. Whether it’s a one-off session at a special training ground or an outdoor game, there is a need of fast and affordable transportation. Well, transporting a relatively large group of people to an unfamiliar location is a bit of a headache. But thankfully, there are various minibus hire services to help make your journey as easy as possible. So make a minibus hire the next thing when you plan for your next sports event. Continue reading “4 advantages of hiring a minibus for sports team transport”

How to start a minibus business?

A minibus hire company may not be a new business idea but it is a service that never goes out of demand. It can be a good way to earn some extra money or can also become your main stream of income. In whatever way you want to start a minibus business, there are some details you need to follow in order to set up. As with any other business venture, you will need to go over essential first steps that include the following points. And here they are: Continue reading “How to start a minibus business?”

Minibus Hire with driver for all your travel needs

Are you looking for a minibus hire with a personalized driver to get you around London? Are you a teacher, head of a family or a business representative who needs a mid-sized vehicle to transport your crew outside the London?  Well, your search comes to an end with Essex Minibuses- a minibus hire services around the UK. There are several reasons why Essex Minibuses is best among the available minibus hire services and here we will highlight some of them. Let’s have a look: Continue reading “Minibus Hire with driver for all your travel needs”

How to plan for wedding transportation in advance?

Planning ahead is always good, no matter what the occasion is. It might be a holiday trip, delivering a presentation for work or even cooking a meal for friends and family, they all can benefit from advance planning. So when it comes to your wedding day which is arguably the biggest day of anyone’s life, you can’t simply sit relaxed and leave everything for the last moment. You definitely want to start long before the big day. Continue reading “How to plan for wedding transportation in advance?”