London Christmas Tradition and how to Celebrate Them?

Christmas is gradually approaching our doors and the preparations for the festivities are on the full swing. The time of the year to sing jingle bells and delicious turkey is finally here. Visiting London during Christmas gives you an experience of authentic Christmas vibes. London air speaks of festivities and celebration throughout the day and night. London will never disappoint you at this time of the year. From fun rides to jolly activities to singing Xmas carols, London offers you so many exciting things to enjoy during the holiday season. London Christmas traditions are really something to brag about.   Continue reading “London Christmas Tradition and how to Celebrate Them?”

Plan a family day-out for Essex best Theme parks

Feeling adventurous? Experience Essex’s wonderful theme parks and give your family the gift of a fun-filled weekend. There is plenty to do at these most popular theme parks of Essex but one can expect a long queue to get them right. Going to these theme parks is exciting but it is also a task of bit hassle especially when you are going for the first time. Don’t ever opt to go with your personal vehicle since first, there is hardly any chance you will get a parking space and second if you get one, you will be charged more than regular. So hire a minibus for theme parks and let their professional drivers to drive you in a comfortable and relaxing manner. Continue reading “Plan a family day-out for Essex best Theme parks”

Perks of hiring a minibus on first date

First dates are always memorable and it takes a lot of planning to organize for an amazing first date to impress your date for a lifetime. From the places to go, the outfits to wear and the gifts to give, first dates can seem a bit overwhelming especially for those who want to make a good first impression. Continue reading “Perks of hiring a minibus on first date”

Hire a minibus to visit London’s best Halloween Events

Halloween is around the corner and the capital is full of chills and thrills. With the escalating hype, the pumpkin spice and the pennywise costumes hanging in your closet, we are sure that you’re all set to explore the Halloween events around the city. While fake blood, fancy dress, ghosts and witches are all traditional, there are plenty of things going on in the city, if you want to scare yourself silly. Continue reading “Hire a minibus to visit London’s best Halloween Events”

5 reasons why travelling by a minibus is better than flying

We know the title of the post might take everyone by surprise. And why it won’t be? Well, of course, why would someone hire a minibus when travelling by airplane seems far more convenient. Actually, this post is for those who are not aware of the advantages that a minibus has in comparison of flying to your destination. When overall travel cost, hassle, time and amenities are considered, you’ll see that a bus is sometimes the best travel option for bigger groups. Continue reading “5 reasons why travelling by a minibus is better than flying”

Don’ts of driving a Minibus that you might not be aware of

No matter whether you are driving a long distance coach, car, local bus or minibus; there are many rules which are meant to be followed for driving a vehicle safely. And, being a professional minibus hire driver you’ll need to learn not only about the skills of driving a vehicle but also about how well you can look after your passengers, who trust you for a safe and comfortable journey. Continue reading “Don’ts of driving a Minibus that you might not be aware of”

5 ideal uses of minibuses

Every year there are so many events where people need a safe and comfortable transport option. Mostly, travellers and even locals struggle in finding the best travel solution for occasions, sporting event, corporate trip or simply a family trip around the city. However, commuters are now aware enough to understand that travelling in a group saves time and money both while giving them the experiences for a lifetime. Travellers of today are placing values on enjoying the ride as well as the destination. They want to explore a wider scope of the ride they are planning to take with their friends and family. Continue reading “5 ideal uses of minibuses”

4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire

Designed to carry a number of passengers, minibuses are one of the most comfortable options for all your travel needs. From a group outing, sports event, wedding, a school trip to a corporate event, minibus hire Romford presents the perfect way to enjoy any excursion. For corporate events, the minibus hire services can make or break your attendee’s experience. Continue reading “4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire”

Airport transfers: A comfortable travel option for non-resident travelers

Visiting a place for the first time is challenging for everyone. No matter you are travelling for a business event or for pleasure, there are many factors that keep you awake until you reach your destination. From hotel bookings, foreign exchange, navigation concerns to the most important transportation, all of them keep on worrying you until fixed. For a non-resident traveller, the task of navigating from airports to a destination can also be a tad difficult, if he is not aware of the option- airport transfers. Continue reading “Airport transfers: A comfortable travel option for non-resident travelers”