Travelling tips to keep your kids entertained on a Minibus

Family travel is always a great time to share the wonderful time of love and connection. When planning a travel trip with children, most of the parents do not consider minibuses as a suitable option for the luxury and comfort. But the truth is, a plane or a car cannot provide the convenience, safety and the environment that a minibus easily has to offer. Moreover, in minibuses, you will get ample of free space, that no other transportation medium can accommodate. That is the reason, in a holiday season, people prefer minibuses to keep their kids entertained and to make memories with families without the stress of driving. Here in this post, we are combining some of the trips for a safe and joyful holiday trip with kids. Let’s have a look:

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Chauffeur driven minibus hire services for your Teen’s next Prom

Teenagers of today have become completely spoiled with all of the advancement of modern technology presented to them. Technology has a great influence on their choices making them more particular with decisions. Style and luxury suppress the comfort. And when it comes to prom, they are even more specific and have certain expectations which are not only for what clothes they will wear, who will be their date but also with their mode of transportation. So what are the odds that your teenager would accept a minibus hire London service over a limousine? Continue reading “Chauffeur driven minibus hire services for your Teen’s next Prom”

5 tips to reduce the safety risks in minibuses

Driving a minibus is not that easy especially on the snowy roads of hilly areas in the UK. The job of a minibus driver is quite challenging that exposes them to many risks. Sometimes they have to work overnights and sometimes they have to drive their minibuses safely in different climate conditions. Therefore, some safety measures should be at the top priority for all the minibus drivers. However, there is no harm in being preventative. Continue reading “5 tips to reduce the safety risks in minibuses”

Travel in luxury : Hire Essex Minibuses

Whenever you are in a group of friends or family and planning for a vacation somewhere in the UK, you always look for the safest and comfortable option for travel. Today, we have a plethora of transportation options such as air, train, cruise or by road. After all these options still somewhere we feel discomfort. Flying is fast but it is costly. The train is economic but over-crowded at peak times. Lastly, driving a car can be a good option but long traffic jams and no safe parking can multiply your stress. Hiring a minibus among all is the best option for a group trip. Continue reading “Travel in luxury : Hire Essex Minibuses”

Why hiring a minibus is a good idea to shuttle wedding guests?

Planning a wedding is exhaustive. It demands tons of work and proper planning to accomplish things perfect for your big day. Families start wedding preparations months ago. From catering, venues to guests, a wedding has a big list of arrangements. Among all of them, choosing the best transportation medium to shuttle guests to the venues take our most of the time. Luxury cars are a good option but they are costly also. Hiring a minibus in London for your special day can be advantageous for many reasons. Below are listed some of the benefits of hiring a minibus for weddings, read it on! Continue reading “Why hiring a minibus is a good idea to shuttle wedding guests?”

Minibus for airport transfers: The advantages you can get from!

We all love travelling and we make so many plans to exploit it. But getting to a destination can be really exhaustive after flying for hours. The various formalities at the airport from laborious customs to tiring baggage procedures can cause a collapse at the beginning of your trip. One possible solution to this problem is to hire someone who can pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel so that you can take some rest and freshen up. Continue reading “Minibus for airport transfers: The advantages you can get from!”

How Minibus hire helps employees to avoid public transport hassle?

Commuters all over London and the rest of the world always want to reach office on time which nowadays seems like a big task every morning. And the same thing happens with them when they need to attend business meetings and conferences. As we all know that the demand for professional workers is increasing and these workers fight with the overcrowded buses and rails to get office on time daily. This has become a daily tradition for many of them. Continue reading “How Minibus hire helps employees to avoid public transport hassle?”

4 mistakes that renters make while hiring a minibus service

Travelling is always exciting. In life, we all make several plans for a fun-overloaded trip. Some plans give us memories while others give us experiences of self- learning. And when you are planning a trip to some unknown place, the possibility of some mistakes is obvious. But, these small mistakes are enough to turn your trip into a disappointing and money-wasting experience. Hence prepare for everything including your accommodation, transportation and other travel itineraries in advance so that you can better use your time and enjoy your trip completely.

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4 scenic road trips in London to visit in a Minibus

These days, the weather is getting colder, everyone is dreaming of a warm getaway for a day or two to refresh themselves for the upcoming dreary season. London has so many places to plan a road trip with friends. Whether you want an escape in dark forests or drive along the shining beaches, London offers everything that you think of. And it’s not easy to visit these beautiful sights with a public transportation medium especially when you are in a big group. For such long trips, hiring a minibus that fits your group size is always the best option. Essex Minibuses has a wide fleet of minibuses according to the size of your touring group. Continue reading “4 scenic road trips in London to visit in a Minibus”

Quick tips to save yourself from the travel sickness!

Travel sickness is the most common problem that people generally face when going on vacations. No matter how you are travelling, the motion of the travelling can cause horrifying symptoms of dizziness, vomiting, nausea and discomfort. People use their own methods to get relief from the travel sickness. They make use of ginger in the form of tea, tablets, chewing gums and biscuits while some wear acupressure bands as a solution to the problem. Well, there are many more ways to help you feel calm, steady and comfortable while travelling by minibus. And, here they are

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