How Minibus hire helps employees to avoid public transport hassle?

Commuters all over London and the rest of the world always want to reach office on time which nowadays seems like a big task every morning. And the same thing happens with them when they need to attend business meetings and conferences. As we all know that the demand for professional workers is increasing and these workers fight with the overcrowded buses and rails to get office on time daily. This has become a daily tradition for many of them. Continue reading “How Minibus hire helps employees to avoid public transport hassle?”

4 mistakes that renters make while hiring a minibus service

Travelling is always exciting. In life, we all make several plans for a fun-overloaded trip. Some plans give us memories while others give us experiences of self- learning. And when you are planning a trip to some unknown place, the possibility of some mistakes is obvious. But, these small mistakes are enough to turn your trip into a disappointing and money-wasting experience. Hence prepare for everything including your accommodation, transportation and other travel itineraries in advance so that you can better use your time and enjoy your trip completely.

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4 scenic road trips in London to visit in a Minibus

These days, the weather is getting colder, everyone is dreaming of a warm getaway for a day or two to refresh themselves for the upcoming dreary season. London has so many places to plan a road trip with friends. Whether you want an escape in dark forests or drive along the shining beaches, London offers everything that you think of. And it’s not easy to visit these beautiful sights with a public transportation medium especially when you are in a big group. For such long trips, hiring a minibus that fits your group size is always the best option. Essex Minibuses has a wide fleet of minibuses according to the size of your touring group. Continue reading “4 scenic road trips in London to visit in a Minibus”

Quick tips to save yourself from the travel sickness!

Travel sickness is the most common problem that people generally face when going on vacations. No matter how you are travelling, the motion of the travelling can cause horrifying symptoms of dizziness, vomiting, nausea and discomfort. People use their own methods to get relief from the travel sickness. They make use of ginger in the form of tea, tablets, chewing gums and biscuits while some wear acupressure bands as a solution to the problem. Well, there are many more ways to help you feel calm, steady and comfortable while travelling by minibus. And, here they are

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Minibus hire : Good things always come in small packets

When you plan a trip what factors you consider the most? Comfort, convenience and time- saving are we think stays at the leading positions of every checklist you make before going out. In fact, when you are planning for a family outing, these three things become even more necessary. Typically when you have a gathering of 20-30 people, a minibus hire is your small package that can be a perfect thing to add more fun to your trip.

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How can you enjoy sightseeing by minibuses?

In holidays, when you are out for a sightseeing, it is entirely understood that you would want to make every minute count. But thankfully, some people and services can help you plan an incredible sightseeing for your holiday. They help you prepare what things you can do, which places you can visit, where you can have your food and more. If you don’t own a personal vehicle then for sightseeing, hiring a minibus is better than selecting another public transportation mode. People are increasingly viewing the benefits of hiring a private minibus with driver. While it might sound not-so-luxurious at first, it may become the answer to all your travel worries.

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Minibus travel: An efficient way to navigate London!

London- the traveller’s destination can give you some mesmerising moments if you know the right know-how. London is considered as the most well-connected cities in the world where you can find many transport links in, around and out of the city. With more than 8 million people residing in the city of London, It is admissible to avoid the crowd of undergrounds at peak times. Continue reading “Minibus travel: An efficient way to navigate London!”

When do you need to hire a Minibus?

If you are planning to go for an event held across the town, deciding on the mode of transport can be tricky, and most of us go either for the public transportations or opt individual car travel. But do you know hiring a minibus could be the most straightforward and most affordable travel option for a group of people?

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3 things to know before hiring a minibus

Hiring a minibus for an enjoyable family trip or a short group trip to a particular ceremony or a sports event is the best option. This not only saves you from booking different cars but also play an important role in adding fun and memories to your trip. Minibuses are advantageous means for transporting a large group of people from one place to another. The size and capacity of these buses vary, giving you the chances to choose from a wide variety.

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