5 ideal uses of minibuses

Every year there are so many events where people need a safe and comfortable transport option. Mostly, travellers and even locals struggle in finding the best travel solution for occasions, sporting event, corporate trip or simply a family trip around the city. However, commuters are now aware enough to understand that travelling in a group saves time and money both while giving them the experiences for a lifetime. Travellers of today are placing values on enjoying the ride as well as the destination. They want to explore a wider scope of the ride they are planning to take with their friends and family. Continue reading “5 ideal uses of minibuses”

4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire

Designed to carry a number of passengers, minibuses are one of the most comfortable options for all your travel needs. From a group outing, sports event, wedding, a school trip to a corporate event, minibus hire Romford presents the perfect way to enjoy any excursion. For corporate events, the minibus hire services can make or break your attendee’s experience. Continue reading “4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire”

Airport transfers: A comfortable travel option for non-resident travelers

Visiting a place for the first time is challenging for everyone. No matter you are travelling for a business event or for pleasure, there are many factors that keep you awake until you reach your destination. From hotel bookings, foreign exchange, navigation concerns to the most important transportation, all of them keep on worrying you until fixed. For a non-resident traveller, the task of navigating from airports to a destination can also be a tad difficult, if he is not aware of the option- airport transfers. Continue reading “Airport transfers: A comfortable travel option for non-resident travelers”