4 tips corporate event planners need for minibus hire

Designed to carry a number of passengers, minibuses are one of the most comfortable options for all your travel needs. From a group outing, sports event, wedding, a school trip to a corporate event, minibus hire Romford presents the perfect way to enjoy any excursion. For corporate events, the minibus hire services can make or break your attendee’s experience.

In absence of a professional minibus hire service, participants may have to navigate unfamiliar streets or have to pay high for private taxis. While with a pre-booked minibus hire service they are more likely to arrive on time and ready to network which leads to a more enjoyable corporate trip for you, your team and for your guests as well.

Essex Minibuses specialize in corporate minibus transfers and here explains some of the tips to plan for a successful corporate trip. Follow these tips and execute a winning transportation plan at your next outdoor conference.

Plan your routes:

It is highly advisable to let your minibus hire company know the routes that your attendees will take on the day of your event. If your conference venue is located in a densely populated area like Chelmsford, Colchester or Hertfordshire and you have attendees from different locations then this can be especially tricky. Professional minibus hire companies to make use of Google Maps to plan for the most efficient routes for your destination. They also keep a track of traffic in the area and have a backup route in case of high traffic.

Get the timing right:

Estimate how much time a minibus will take to complete one round and make a rough draft of the number of attendees who will board a minibus at every stop. This way you can have an idea of the number of minibuses you need to stay on schedule. If you are not sure how many buses you’ll need then you can contact minibus hire customer support to get the right estimation of the number and the cost you have to pay for transportation.

Book your minibuses in advance:

Always try to book your minibuses as far in advance as possible to get the best deals and availability. However, there are many companies like Essex Minibuses who can secure last minute bookings but to be on the safe side, prefer to book three to six months in advance.

Publish your transportation information:

Make sure the participants of your event know about your transportation facility. Let them know exactly how to get to and from your event by minibus. Publish this information including all the schedules, pick up points and routes at a prominent location of your event’s website. This will help them plan their trip and decide whether they need an extra transportation or not.

Lastly, choose your company wisely and hire an experienced minibus transportation partner. Get the assurance from them that they will deliver safe, quality buses and professional drivers.

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