Are Minibuses the new Uber in UK?

Minibuses are becoming the new trendsetter in luxury travel. They are proved to be the best transportation option for group travel. Minibuses take the burden off from your shoulders when it comes to driving the roads to a special event. Today, they are so easily available that people started comparing them with all time available Uber cars not only in London but all around the UK. Continue reading “Are Minibuses the new Uber in UK?”

Exploring London in summers: Don’t forget to book a minibus

The hub of bright lights, fabulous food and the world’s most famous landmarks, London. The city of London is center of attraction of nearly 90% of people who visit UK every year. London is undoubtedly one of the most visited city in the world. This beautiful city has a lot in its pack and with summers going through, the excitement surely won’t last. So without further ado, book a minibus hire London service and ride the city on your terms. Continue reading “Exploring London in summers: Don’t forget to book a minibus”

Tips to shop for cheap minibus hire insurance

In the last few years, the use of minibuses for commercial purpose has increased exponentially. Businesses are buying minibuses to assist them in their corporate needs and individuals are purchasing them to make a living by offering minibus hire services. This increasing demand for minibuses can be one of the reasons behind the strict rules of buying minibus insurance to use them for commercial purpose. Hence if you also own a minibus, you will want to protect your business and its customers with private minibus hire insurance. Continue reading “Tips to shop for cheap minibus hire insurance”