Exploring London in summers: Don’t forget to book a minibus

The hub of bright lights, fabulous food and the world’s most famous landmarks, London. The city of London is center of attraction of nearly 90% of people who visit UK every year. London is undoubtedly one of the most visited city in the world. This beautiful city has a lot in its pack and with summers going through, the excitement surely won’t last. So without further ado, book a minibus hire London service and ride the city on your terms.

Here are some of the worth visiting places of London, that you’d regret not exploring. Let’s have a look:

Top things to do in Summers while in London:

Sir Alexander Binnie’s foot tunnel:

This tunnel is by far the most enticing way to reach Greenwich. It’s amazing in its own way. AT one side you will enter the tunnel from Island gardens and pop out somewhere near Greenwich Discovery Center. In summers, the beauty of Binnie’s foot tunnel jus get magnifies by heart-throbbing sceneries surrounding it.

Columbia Road Flower Market:

If you are a flower lover and the sun is shining out, this must be your favourite site to visit in London with your family in a minibus. The market is full of street musicians and enthusiastic vendors selling coffee, cakes and snacks. This place is surely a boost to your entrepreneurial energy. So get your kids and family there and enjoy the bargains at some not so usual shops selling vintage furniture, clothes, customized maps, jewellery and more.

Highgate Cemetery:

Highgate Cemetery is the grade-1 listed Victorian cemetery that houses many popular residents like Beryl Bainbridge, Karl Marx and George Eliot. It has two parts. One is East Cemetery that has ivy-clad tombstones and touching memorials and another one is the west cemetery and to visit that you need an hour-long guided tour.

These are only a few to name, there are many more such mesmerising destination to visit in London either when you are on a weekend trip or a week-long trip with family. London has wealth of places to visit but a comfortable journey requires a comfortable transportation also. And when you are in a group of people, a minibus is always a great option to hire. Minibus Hire London services from Essex Minibuses has the most luxurious fleet of a minibus to hire for your comfortable trip to London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Luton and all the surrounding areas.

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