4 things to consider before you rent a party minibus

Is there any event coming up or are you planning for a huge birthday party? Well, celebrations are mandatory and they are even more fun when attended with your favourite bunch of people. But coordinating everyone together can be a little overwhelming especially when you don’t have booked a party minibus. Renting a party minibus is the optimal choice to attend an event or concert with a group of people but before you go ahead, here are a few things that you should consider first. Let’s have a look.

What size of a minibus do I need?

This must be the very first thing you need to ask yourself. To determine this, you need to ask for the confirmation of each member joining you for the event. A smaller vehicle won’t fit everyone comfortably and a bigger vehicle will cause you unnecessary money. So get the final headcount of the members and tell your minibus hire company. These minibuses vary in sizes and it is important you hire the right size.

Where do I need to go?

Well, this seems like a pretty obvious question but it is necessary to ask since many minibuses make multiple stops during their journey. So you can decide where you actually want to stop in your way. Maybe you want to have dinner before the concert or want to stop by a bar on your way back home. The minibus hire companies are flexible enough to customize their schedule according to your demands.

When do I want to rent the bus?

This is again a question that doesn’t need mention but it certainly requires thoughtful planning. There are certain times of the year when hiring a minibus is pretty harder like during Christmas and wedding season. So if you can be flexible with the date then reschedule your program when the minibus business is slower. Or you can always book them way in advance before the actual date.

How much I should tip the chauffeur?

The budget is an important element when you are renting a party minibus. And the chauffeur tip needs to be included in that budget. Preferably, 20% of your entire bill is the standard tip to be given to the chauffeur but if they exhibited some excellent services then you can tip as much as you want.

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