Quick ways to keep your kids entertained on a road trip

Family road trips are always exciting. Everyone plans for a fun-filled group outing for a destination that no one among you has visited before. But what to do with little kids on the road.

The long haul flights, over-stretched layovers and a day long road trip by a minibus or a car make children less interested in the trip and more annoying. This all can be challenging for little kids as they get bored. For grown-ups, confining these little ones to a box like a moving vehicle on a load road trip can soon put your parenting skills severely to the test. After all, who doesn’t get irritated with the continuous back-seater questions like “are we there yet” ?

But fortunately, parents have a range of ways to keep kids entertained on a long road trip. So if you are also planning a minibus road trip from Essex to Hertfordshire with your family, keep these tips in mind for a fun-filled trip ahead.

Cartoons and movies:

Television screens are everywhere today via your mobile devices. In shopping malls, on airplanes, in public restrooms, and of course inside our cars, trucks and minibuses too. When you are travelling pick the best minibus hire essex services as they are equipped with all the latest gadgets enough to entertain your kid on the road. They have high quality movie players where you can play your kid’s favorite cartoon show to keep him busy on the route.

The Celebrity Game:

This one is quite interesting. One person has to say a celebrity’s name, a famous person, cartoon or other character(preferably first and last name) and the other person has to speak up a different personality starting from the first letter of the last name. If a person fails to come up with a name, then that person is out of the game.

Give them fun toys:

Kids are always kids. They love playing even they are in a minibus. So don’t forget to pack some car-friendly games in a box so that you can keep your kids busy in the backseat. You can utilize shoe boxes to keep all their games such as cards, legos, small figurines and dolls. All of them are easy to pack and doesn’t take much of your car’s space.

Involve them into some picture-taking:

Pictures capture everyone’s attention and age is no bar there. To maintain your kid’s energy all over the time, taking pictures is an excellent idea. Allow them to take pictures of anything they are fascinated towards inside or outside the car.

Where are we?

Let your kids answer the question “where are we?”. Give them a map and ask them to name out the city where they are moving. This is beneficial for both their knowledge and entertainment. To make it more interesting, take a print out of your destination’s map and ask your children to mark every city you cross and also ask them to mark the route with colorful markers.

Animal Spotting:

Run a competition among your children that who can spot more animals. Any creature that moves will be a valid answer to the game. Perhaps, put up a reward just to encourage the kids on the journey. You can also appoint someone to write down the names for the fair result decision at the end of the game. This is an inexpensive activity to keep your kids playing on the route.

So these are some tried and tested ways that keep your child all time entertained and allow you to free yourself from the responsibility of a family.