Tips For Hiring A Minibus Effectively

With summer right around the corner, many of us are eagerly waiting for the holidays. It doesn’t matter if you decide to take the holidays at home or abroad this year if you plan to hire a minibus to travel around Essex or the neighbouring areas, avoiding the following mistakes can help you save your precious time and money while you are away.

Cheap minibus hire is not always best

Many people look for the cheapest option available to save on money. But that is not always the best option that you can make. There can be hidden charges that you might not be aware of because you didn’t enquire enough. There are a number of services that may not be included in the quotation which the company provides you. Many things can rack up your hire charge:

  • Child seats
  • Distance limits
  • Returning the vehicle outside of business hours
  • Additional driver(s)

There can be a lot more, so it’s best to inquire before you decide on any plan.

Reading the contract carefully

When hiring a minibus make sure to read the contract to know what your rights and obligations are, don’t be afraid to inquire about anything that you don’t understand before signing the papers. It is essential to check the excess for damage as it can cost you a lot of money.

While going through the contract, there are a few things that you should pay extra attention to. One of those is the insurance policy of the hire service if it covers all the drivers and what kind of coverage they have. Some other points to note are the breakdown policy, return and cancellation policies.

Fill the damage hiring check sheet

When you pick up and return the minibus, make sure you get an employee from the hire services to confirm any damage that might be in the vehicle in writing before you drive it. Repeat this when you give the vehicle back to verify that no accident occurred when you had the vehicle and to avoid paying excess for damage.

Usually, the hiring services will provide you with a checklist or a diagram of the existing exterior damage when you go to pick the vehicle. If not be sure to make a list of your own and have it signed to avoid any confusion later and mainly to avoid paying for excess for damage.

Check where you can go

This is one of the most crucial pieces of advice that you should follow, are there any limits on the distance you can travel in the hire period. Does the hiring service allow you to cross international borders, also be sure to check if you need an international drivers permit or any other documentation.

Returning the vehicle out of hours

It is almost never a good idea to return a vehicle outside of business hours, as there is no one to confirm that no damage is been done. Sometimes taking pictures showing the condition of the vehicle might suffice. So it is always a good idea to leave yourself enough time to get the vehicle in on time.

These were some of the points that will come in handy the next time you decide to take a minibus hire out to visit some places in Romford or any other places near you.