Cruise in Style to Your Next Celebration With These Luxury Rental Options

Whether you are looking forward to the much-awaited prom night, working on a bachelorette party or looking to stand out in an important business meeting – our grand options of luxury vehicles will commission the feat for you. Determination is the only impression that lasts, especially when we talk about one in a lifetime events. You would agree, events that hold the flair to change your life completely need a different and a finer approach.

Essex Minibuses have the most magnificent collection of timeless and royal choices for you. These are bound to leave an impression and set the bar high for everyone else. So when the special day arrives, you know you are backed by excellency and performance-driven organization.

Minibuses come for a lot of different occasions and events. We offer minibuses capable of anywhere from 7 to 24 passengers for all events and occasions. Our vehicles are equipped with modern safety features and upgraded amenities for extra comfort. Regardless of your seating preferences, the minibuses are designed to be spacious from inside. They are graced with comfy and beautiful interiors for your leisure. When hiring a minibus, there seem to be a lot of factors one needs to comprehend before making a choice. With us, you only need to enjoy your time.

Choosing the Perfect Minibus for You

Minibuses are a great go-to option for a one spot destination and even better for an itinerary based journey. They are also extremely reliable and relieve a great amount of distress. With that in mind, choosing a minibus for you still needs a few things into consideration. We know hiring a minibus is economical and logical, given its benefits. Start off by tracking the size of the group you’ll be travelling with and also the type of event you’d be heading to. These two factors are extremely necessary for a flawless journey. As inter-city itinerary alongside a medium-sized group and within-city plans with the same group can result in preference of two different vehicles. It is advised that you share important details at hand so we can keep the worrying to us. With our 24×7 customer service and free cancellation policy, any change in your plans is anticipated already.

Hiring a Minibus for Your Prom Night

Prom nights are one of the most anticipated events for any high school student. They are a bookmark in everybody’s life and friendships. If you wish to make an entry with your gang, minibuses are a feasible option. These buses are spacious and come in a variety of sizes. Despite sitting conjustedly, talking in hopes of arriving soon at the destination, one can actually move around and get along as minibuses have a lot of extra room. Our vehicles come charmed with trained professionals who are dedicated to adding ease on your special night. Our drivers are well versed with the local routes and are always open to all the sudden developments in your plans be it a quick stop to grab a burger, pick up a friend or just to just make a stop to get pictures for the gram.

Adding Minibuses to Your Wedding Essentials

The ease of minibuses, apart from its comfort and leisure, is that it can effortlessly voyage a huge group of people. There are a lot of people at weddings from parents to college friends, in-laws to uncles and aunts, children to grandparents. The minibus is your one-stop shot to travel together in harmony. Weddings put up a lot on one’s plate and we’re happy to take some of that load off you. Our luxurious interior will not only feel like an individualistic experience for your guests but the affirmation of everyone arriving at the venue together will serve as a boon.

Minibuses for Bachelorette Night Out Parties

Bachelorette parties revolve around the likings of the groom and bride. While their happiness stays top priority, a close second is that everybody stays together as it is supposedly the last night of freedom for the bride/groom. Budgets can be easily overlooked as the party progresses and can put a damper on future events. This is where minibuses come in handy, not only are they economical but they can foster a party for up to 24 people at one go.  Hiring a minibus means investing in a smooth and fun-filled night. With plenty of extra space and tranquillity all over the place, the minibus can be your venue.

What makes Essex Minibuses special?

We come from a handsome heritage which is witnessed by uncountable numbers of satisfied customers. We have always been blessed with loyal customers who testify for our immaculate services. We are separated by our competitors within the fact that we take deliberate and personalized steps to go that extra mile to make your day a little better than best. We have a team of trained and outgoing chauffeurs who are open to every crunch-time change in your plan. More and more reason to accentuate your special day with Essex Minibus Hire.