Travel safe with minibus

The search engine of travellers are occupied with a million-dollar question “Is travelling safe now? ”
The answer to this is Travel with MINIBUS, it’s safe and secure.

The pandemic of Corona virus has changed the terms of travelling all over the world. It influences both domestic and international travelling. It is through the adverse times, “Minibus” invested in customer services which makes us stand out from our competitors. We believe that gaining customer trust in this situation is the key to emerging stronger than before. The goal will be to instil confidence in customers. Beside all safety measures taken by minibus, some precaution should be taken into consideration by travellers for a safe and secure journey.

Here in this blog, we will learn about the safety measures should be taken while travelling and exclusive deals offered by Minibus.

Even with the firmest of hygiene protocols in the place, infection is prone to spread during the check-in, immigration formalities, security, boarding, and it can be a simple exchange of travel passes or other procedures, subjecting both the travellers and the staff are prone to the transmission of coronavirus. To avoid the cause, the cure is necessary. Maintain a distance of almost 2 meters from each other. Try not to get in touch with anything on the way.

Digital Health passports

COVID- passes being created by travel companies to build a sense of safety in the travellers. These Digital health passports are using personal data of flyers which involves their health condition, travel history, age, etc. For now, this technology is being deployed in 15 countries, aiming safe and secure travelling of travellers. Get your travel pass before planning to move.

Touch-free travel

The crises have unearthed some areas which needed to be more effective and efficiently such as door to door service to customers. The Minibus took initiative and provides a digital platform where a customer can book a mini-traveller and safely move from one place to another. A protected layer of sheet is being placed covering the gap of the driver to a customer for their safety. This is to protect and ensure the safety of travellers and staff.

Practice good hygiene

This disease spread through droplets of saliva or mucus. This usually happens when one-person sneeze or cough and others came into the contact of droplets. Whenever you are going out always wear cover your mouth and nose with a mask. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose with unwashed hands. These parts are prone to catch the infection. Wear gloves while travelling or use sanitizer whenever you get in contact with any object. Always carry antibacterial wipes to clean your seats, set-back pocket, tray table, etc.

Travel insurance

Before moving to other place get yourself insured that will cover medical expenses and cancellations. The insurance policy covering COVID has many variations. It is recommended to contact the insurance company directly or get a travel consultant.

Minibus exclusive

The minibus is now available for transfers, and festival hire. In this season of wedding try minibus early booking discounts up to 20%. Plan a private party on the new year and get easily transferred with Minibus at affordable prices. Special travel discounts are available in different cities for more details check the website

The minibus is a reliable and budget-friendly solution for transporting people to a particular place with a safe and smooth journey!