Why Hire a Minibus For Your Next Family Vacation

Family vacations are not only annual rituals but also a much-needed break from our walks of life. It serves all the family members individually and also as a whole. Apart from offering a change in landscape, they help strengthen the bond among the family. Family vacations demand we break our habitual patterns and welcome new and exciting possibilities. It can either be in the form of perspectives, cuisines, experiences or finding more about ourselves. Planning a vacation with family is not an easy job, it demands considering every member of the family while maintaining the motive of the vacation; togetherness.

Mostly, the commuting time comprises most of the vacation, unless it is a resort stay that one has planned. If you are traveling in a public vehicle, the chances of openly communicating with your family become less and while road trips offer more benevolence, the priority still stays to be focused on the road. We at Essex Minibus Hire have come up with a solution that is backed up by facts as to how mini buses can be your perfect plus one for all major family vacations and trips.


The primary aspect of planning a family trip is always budget. The budget decides the prominent parts of the trip like accommodation, experiences, source of travel, food, and shopping. Mini Busses help you save a huge chunk of the amount that commuting consumes from a vacation budget. Mini Busses are smart, safe, and cost effective options for travel. This form of travel not only saves cost but also gives your family the privacy that you all need to be yourselves. You can either choose to drive one by yourself but if you really want to make up for the lost time by actively indulging with your family, we will suggest hiring a professional to make the drives for you. This way you don’t have to worry about the routes. Our team at Essex Mini Bus Hire always has a pre-assigned professional reserved for you upon the time of booking so that you don’t have to pay for anything extra.

Less Fuel

A family consists of 3 or more people, be it by bus, train or airplane; charges of any public commuting can easily top the cost of a private and intimate road trip. As the number of members increases, road trips make more and more sense in monetary terms. Cab services come with a high fare and private vehicles for inter-state trips can result in increased maintenance costs of the vehicle. This is where mini busses come into play, they offer low overall fuel charges when compared to any private or public mode of transport.

More Space and Seats

Just like families, mini buses come in many different shapes and sizes. This means more freedom to move around, more space to express yourselves, and extra boot space to pack with your heart. More seats can certainly make you feel like you own the space and gives more room for more family members.

More Flexibility and Freedom

Many public commuting channels have customized their experiences to give more and more freedom to travelers, and these features are improving day by day. Despite the gradual improvement, there is one feature that no public transport can replicate; the freedom to make stops wherever and whenever one wants. It is an essential luxury to have and can help make the trip more memorable. One can enjoy a food outlet or a restaurant anywhere on their route, or off the route, if they please, can make stops however they want and halt with the family for a beautiful sunrise or a sunset.