Quick tips to save yourself from the travel sickness!

Travel sickness is the most common problem that people generally face when going on vacations. No matter how you are travelling, the motion of the travelling can cause horrifying symptoms of dizziness, vomiting, nausea and discomfort. People use their own methods to get relief from the travel sickness. They make use of ginger in the form of tea, tablets, chewing gums and biscuits while some wear acupressure bands as a solution to the problem. Well, there are many more ways to help you feel calm, steady and comfortable while travelling by minibus. And, here they are

Take care of your sitting posture while travelling

Travel sickness arises when your eyes accept that you are moving fast but your ears think that you are sitting still. The difference between their understanding confuses the brain and you start feeling dizziness. You can stop your mind from scumbling by choosing a seat that let you sit still. That is the right front part of minibus from where you can see outside the windscreen and don’t feel the landscape whizzing.

Relax your eyes:

Most people have the habit of reading or watching a movie while travelling and they think these things divert their mind but this is not true. By forcing your eyes to read the small fonts and moving images on the screen, you welcome dizziness. There are other ways to distract yourself. Listen to some calm music and keep your eyes closed. You can also take pillow under your head to rest your eyes, head and mind.

Practice taking deep long breaths:

You can easily get rid of dizziness by taking long deep breaths. It will calm you and lower down the sickness you feel. If you still don’t feel better than the drivers of our minibuses are always there to pull off to make you feel better.

Interaction is very helpful

Travelling is all about exploring new places and meeting new people. You will be amazed to see how good it is to engage with another person while travelling. You will not realize and you are at your destination. And if you are travelling alone, nothing is better than a phone call to your dear friend to help you divert your mind from the motion you are feeling while on roads.

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