4 scenic road trips in London to visit in a Minibus

These days, the weather is getting colder, everyone is dreaming of a warm getaway for a day or two to refresh themselves for the upcoming dreary season. London has so many places to plan a road trip with friends. Whether you want an escape in dark forests or drive along the shining beaches, London offers everything that you think of. And it’s not easy to visit these beautiful sights with a public transportation medium especially when you are in a big group. For such long trips, hiring a minibus that fits your group size is always the best option. Essex Minibuses has a wide fleet of minibuses according to the size of your touring group.

So book a minibus hire in London and plan a trip to visit the top 4 beautiful attractions of London.

Lake District:

To enjoy the scenic beauty of sparkling lakes, lush green fields and craggy mountains, you can head north to the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria. You will find your driving efforts rewarded with this outdoor capital of England full of all the activities from hiking and cycling to fishing and other water sports that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Hampstead Village:

The Original Urban village is only a fresh morning’s minibus ride away from the London. This charming borough in North London is famous for its beautiful architecture, boutique shops, mesmerising historical buildings and fine dining. A trip to this village will take you close to London history and the area is itself rich in crowning jewels.


Hertfordshire, a county in southern England is only an hour away from London is popular for the exceptional number of historical houses and for the Chiltern Hills, which provide a charming view to visitors. The small county has many attractions within and is a great spot for a perfect day out with children.

The Royal Parks of London:

Almost one-third part of London is covered with the beautiful parks and gardens. Among them, Royal Park is a must visit as it is well-maintained by the monarchy for hunting. And it is easy to reach there when you have your own minibus with driver. This is the added benefit of minibus hire London that it comes with a driver who is experienced and know all the local place enough to guide you.

So stop puzzling with the thoughts of planning a perfect road trip from London and enroute these worth seeing places with a private minibus hire service. You can also cover many other places like Kent, Dowel and Luton if you have enough time for your road trip.

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