An expert guide to renting a minibus for different occasions

For many travellers or even for locals, finding a long term solution for commuting to a job, wedding ceremony, sporting event or to a corporate trip is a hard nut to crack. However, people are now more aware of the fact that group travels are more beneficial in terms of time and money. Travellers of today are now placing more values on the ride than the destination itself. They now want to explore a wider scope of the destination with their friends and family and want to stop at each lookout along the way. Well, this is not quite a case if you are travelling via public transport which is way much economic than a private cab or taxi. But there is also a mid-way to this. Hiring a private minibus for a group of people will let you enjoy your path also saves you a good amount of money.

The private minibus hire service in Essex will consolidate all your transportation needs by chauffeuring you from the airport to your destined location in the most comfortable way possible. The luxurious services from minibus hire companies can be availed for the following occasions:


While planning a wedding or reception, one need to coordinate many aspects of your ceremony, so let these private minibuses get the transportation hassle out of the way. There are different sizes of minibuses depending upon the size of the group. You can hire a minibus company for your entire wedding week. A professional driver will be appointed to you who’ll take care of all the needs of your guests. In the course of your wedding week, you’ll be able to enjoy your bachelor parties, can explore the town and shuffle your guests from the airport to the hotel.

Corporate Travel:

Travelling for corporate events is a bit serious affair then weddings. Here you have to strict with timelines so plan your pick-up and drop-off times carefully. Also budget some time for your work, restrooms or snacks during the journey. Riding in a private minibus will ensure that you arrive refreshed and on time to your destination. You can also prepare your work on the long drive with amenities like WiFi, power outlets and monitors.

Sporting Events:

For a sports event, when you need to transport your entire team, a luxury minibus beat all the other options. Depending upon the members of a team, choose the size of your bus but make sure you book a vehicle with some extra space. As this will allow you to keep all your sports equipment safe.

School Field Trips:

Whether travelling for a marching band competition, class field trip or a summer camp,a minibus will be able to transport kids from town to fun activities outside of your city. The public shuttles are complicated especially with the children because of the long queues and steep fees. Instead, choose the largest bus available and give your kids a fun-filled trip to remember.

So book your next trip for any of your family gatherings or friends day-out. Book in advance for your fun-filled weekends and keep the hassle of transportation out of your to-do-list. They cover every area in Essex including Wickford, Grays, Colchester, Ilford, Romford, Southend, Basildon, Chelmsford. We even cover Hertfordshire, Kent and East London areas.