Cuddle and Travel: Sightseeing and Honeymoon inside a Minibus

On Christmas eve tiny snowflakes being showered outside and you are enjoying your hot evening tea with your newlywed inside a minibus right in front of the Christmas market. Yes, honeymoon in a minibus is one of the best ideas to make it a time worth remembering. You will be able to look outside the changing landscapes and sites through the windows. It will be one of the most comfortable journeys during the winters with all your necessary stuff easily packed inside our spacious minibus. 

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Perks of Sightseeing on a Minibus


The mobility of the vehicle will reduce accommodation costs. You won’t be needing to look for hotels every night if you plan to spend your nights in the minibus. The buses are also very comfortable for having good night sleeps. Cuddling to your partner inside a minibus with cold London winters outside. It also offers flexibility for having lovely dinners with your beloved with rapidly changing outside scenes through the windows. 


One of the major perks of travelling inside a minibus is the privacy it offers. All the time you will be having your own private space to enjoy your time together. With high-quality music systems fitted inside you will be able to make every site more romantic to witness. It will amplify the whole experience. 

During the Christmas eve, you will witness the sheer happiness and love pouring out of humanity will make you euphoric. Throughout the busy markets, you will be able to roll down very easily. It will provide you with the freedom to explore the market shops. You will be able to pull over at multiple spots if you plan to buy gifts from the exquisite London markets.


Very easily you will be able to look at and admire the history and architecture of the great city. The land of great people who once ruled over most of the globe. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the 

  • The Coca Cola London Eye- The world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. Which will provide you with an unforgettable view of London’s exotic landmarks. 
  • Buckingham Palace which is the official residence of the Queen.
  • The View from The Shard- Rise above the throng and witness London’s colourful skyline. From here you will also be able to spot all major tourist attractions and major landmarks of the city.
  • London Dungeon- A place still carries the glimpses of the city’s horrible past. The history will be enacted by talented actors with several special effects. You will have to be brave enough to witness the city’s dark past.

The minibus offers you smooth sightseeing and a wonderful experience. So get ready to roll through the beautiful city all packed on your minibus.

Essex Minibuses offers a large number of hiring spots throughout the city like Aldgate, Romford, Colchester and several others in Hertfordshire, Kent and East London areas. You can choose any spot according to your convenience.

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