Travelling tips to keep your kids entertained on a Minibus

Family travel is always a great time to share the wonderful time of love and connection. When planning a travel trip with children, most of the parents do not consider minibuses as a suitable option for the luxury and comfort. But the truth is, a plane or a car cannot provide the convenience, safety and the environment that a minibus easily has to offer. Moreover, in minibuses, you will get ample of free space, that no other transportation medium can accommodate. That is the reason, in a holiday season, people prefer minibuses to keep their kids entertained and to make memories with families without the stress of driving. Here in this post, we are combining some of the trips for a safe and joyful holiday trip with kids. Let’s have a look:

Consider the comfort and safety:

Little kids may have a problem when sleeping in a minibus or a coach. So it is advisable to carry portable car booster seats for the comfortable sleep of your kid. Travel neck pillows and seat-belt covers are also good for a comfy nap on the long journeys.

Get some sources of entertainment:

A Kindle with headphones is a super cheap option that keeps your kids occupied for quite some time and the stress of handling their various tantrums is minimized. Audiobooks are also a great source to lessen the causes of travel sickness.You can also indulge your kids in various games. For example, make a “can you spot..” checklist for kids and ask them to complete the list by observing certain things on their way like a yellow bicycle, green car, a cow, McDonald’s etc.

Travel sickness tips:

The best way to avoid travel sickness is to get your children sit on a newspaper. This might sound like a old wives tale, but it is really effective. If your kids suffer from travel sickness, then letting them read or play games is not the option for you. To avoid travel sickness, make sure they have something sensible to eat nothing huge but sugary.

Take intervals:

It is always better to take small intervals on your long routes of the journey. This could be a park, a beach or a small castle on your way. It’s essential for kids to have some fresh air and a chance to run around even if it is 5 or 10 miles away from your route.

In all, travelling with children can be an amazingly delicate balance between creating priceless memories and wondering when will you get holidays from holidays. We at Essex Minibuses, consider all your worries and try to make your travel plan more entertained and hassle-free. Hire our major streams Minibus hire London, minibus hire Hertfordshire and minibus hire kent today.