A quick checklist to maintain your school minibuses

For minibus drivers, safety is paramount. Especially for the ones who have the responsibility of transporting children. The minibuses are extremely important for schools and families as they are very affordable when it comes to a school trip or a sports event in another county. It doesn’t matter whether you own the minibus outright or have one on a contract from a minibus hire company, being the operator of the vehicle, your school will be responsible for its good condition and roadworthiness. Continue reading “A quick checklist to maintain your school minibuses”

Planning travel for your Stag party?

Stag parties are the kind of parties where an all boy clan decide to go out and celebrate together. Stag party could be a bachelor party, sports club party or even office party in which all the male members invited. Stag parties are at times fun and superbly wild in nature and attract extreme activities. There is a lot that is done to make a stag party happening, like going to a casino, enjoying a strip club, playing adventurous sport and even getting drunk at a local club. But to make your stag party rolling you need a perfect ride, and that ride can be none other than a minibus. Continue reading “Planning travel for your Stag party?”

The cheapest options to travel around the UK

Undoubtedly, UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world. And if you are planning a trip to this country, you might be daunted by the overall cost caused by the overall transportation. But hold on, it is possible to travel the Uk for cheap, if you know certain know-how. Here we have summarised a host of the ways to save money on transportation, hopefully, they will work for you also. Let’s have a look:

Continue reading “The cheapest options to travel around the UK”